The future is exciting for BLISS

This last year BLISS has seen so many changes in the store, and now going into our 8th year, there are lots more changes afoot!  which I am so very excited about.

Including our ‘Canadian Made’ Clothing:

Carmina De Young
Code Vittesse
Luc Fontaine
Michael Tyler
Pretty Women
Papillon Blanc

We have some more new suppliers
Conrad C
In Wear

Cant wait for them all to arrive to showcase these fabulous new clothing lines for BLISS.  My intention has been to accomodate, as best I can, ALL our customers.  Focusing on fashion, comfort and affordability for ALL.

In Wear will bring with it, lots of structured pieces, such as trouser suits, designed and made in Denmark, which is exciting in itself, because the style has that European Style that I miss over here in Canada, and I know there are so many more of us that feel the same way!

Anyway, lets see how it goes…..Looking forward…




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Spring 2018

I’m so Excited…. we have so many new Brands to add to our collections this year.

Conitueing along the lines of ‘Canadian Made’ wherever and whenever possible… we have ‘Frank Lyman’ Daywear/Activewear arriving this month – looking at their styles and the precision of making an outfit suitable for the Gym and suitable to go about your everday business wearing.  Its so easy and so flexible AND…affordable too!

We have lots of ‘Bamboo’ items from a company called Leave Nothing But Footprints (LNBF) which I am so excited about. Would you belive it, this is not only Canadian Made, but merely on our Doorstep!  All manufacturing is actually done in Mississauga, near Toronto.  Which makes you want to buy the product, before you even set your eyes upon it!

Another company from Toronto, is developing thier business to ensure that all of their manufacturing will also be done in Toronto, hopefully within the next couple of years – Pink Martini is also new to our collection – they are a trendsetting company with lots of great ‘young’ styles and great colours for the middle aged women to wear – cant wait for you to see them!


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Love it when Customers keep coming back to visit!

Marilyn, Jane and Jayne from Conestogo popped in today at BLISS
and reminded me that they had their picture taken when they were
previously here!

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Happy 150th Birthday CANADA!

Alex, Brittanie and Meridith having lots of fun
at BLISS today.

Congratulations to one of our
Southampton Local girls, Meridith, who will be
getting married on August 5th.

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Fun at BLISS !

On a rainy Saturday morning in Southampton, was soon brightened up with these 4 lovely Ladies from Stoney Creek, Hamilton.

Alison, Kelly, Nancy and Robin had fun dressing up and picking out their favourite pieces at BLISS – Thank you all for popping into BLISS, we truly appreciate your business.

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Time for Change!

I am so excited – due to taking on some of Infinite Lingerie Brands, I have extended my shop, by opening up another room.  This room is for ‘Lingerie and Loungewear’.

And so, because of all these changes and addtions to my business, I decided to change my sign, so my customers know that my store is a little different, we have so much more to offer, so much more to sell and I am so excited about the future of BLISS!

What do you think of my new sign?

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Nudy Patooty!!!


Nudy Patooty – COMING SOON!

Dragon’s Den last night was a HIT for Michelle, Owner of
‘NO SWEAT Nudy Patooty tops’

See ‘Nudypatooty’ facebook for video

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I am so happy that Janet and Sarah (Infinite Lingerie) has chosen me to
take on one of Infinite Lingerie’s favourites….
Piikabu Mini Camisole.  At only $28, it is a great addition to any top or dress,
where you may just want to cover up your cleavage, without adding or sabbatoging
your whole outfit!

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New Spring Arrivals – YIPPEEE!

So excited about these ‘vegan’ Purses and Wallets from S&Q
Its great to see lots of Styles and Colours.
Any one of them would be a perfect compliment to any outfit,
Casual or Formal!

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Lots of exciting changes happening at BLISS!

Infinite Lingerie and Activewear, Southampton will sadly be closing their doors Labour Day Weekend 2017.  I for one, will certainly miss them, as I have bought numerous clothing lines from them.  However, I am so very very excited to tell you, that when they close their doors, I will be re-opening my doors to let in, ‘all my favourite items from Infinite’  such as……………………

Montelle Underwear

SYMPLI clothing

Neon Budha clothing

Cut Loose – casual clothing

UP! pant

PJ’s, Socks, Tights, Stockings



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